About Our Family-Friendly RV Campground

Riverwood Campground is two miles east of Glenwood, Alberta along the Belly River. The RV Park began with the idea of providing families with a somewhat unique camping experience. Unlike traditional campground with small, crowded sites, we wanted very large campsites so families could enjoy the natural beauty of the river bottom with the many trees natural grass and wildlife. Riverwood Campground was established on 92 acres, and has continued to grow to over 120 acres.

We are working with the natural lay of the land being sure every site has trees at least on the west side and sites are widely spaced. At the start of the season we clean up deadfall, weeds, and cut the grass in the common areas, but families are responsibility for their site through the season. There are natural clearings throughout the campground which will be maintained by us.

Our families of the past season have kept their sites clean and have taken pride in keeping their campsites neatly maintained. They have thanked us for the concept of very large sites.

At a fee we will be providing the service of water and sewer hauling to each site throughout the season.


Large Campsites

Our widely-spaced campsites, plus the mature growth of our natural trees, provides privacy to our guests.


Family Friendly

Our RV Park is family-owned, family-run, and family-friendly.


Natural Landscaping

We've preserved the natural, rustic, Canadian beauty of our landscape. The natural groves, meadows, and river beds create a peaceful atmosphere.



Our location provides private access to the Belly River for swimming, relaxing, and exploring. Plus we're driving distance to Waterton National Park and many other Southern Alberta local attractions.


For Our Guests